The Team On The Ground

United Ukraine delivers your donations directly to Ukrainian people

who never chose this war. Your money goes directly to individual people struggling to survive in an inhospitable place, or escape to a slightly safer one.

Our network of community leaders on the ground in Ukraine & the surrounding countries bring

medicine, food, housing, & other necessary supplies directly to individuals.

We never buy weapons.

Millions of people live in Ukraine’s villages and have little access to emergency infrastructure and poor roads.  They rarely have personal cars or access to reliable transportation outside of their area.

United Ukraine’s unique ability to send them cash directly helps them buy food and supplies in the places that they live.

We know you care about where your donations go

because we do too. Twice a week United Ukraine updates its donors by email about what your donations bought, & photos of the people you helped.

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The Team Behind the Screen

United Ukraine is truly a grassroots endeavor.

When war broke out, friends Adam Romney, a litigator in California, & Nathan Smith, a Software Engineer in Kyiv, sprang into action. Because of their personal connections in Ukraine, American friends started sending money, asking them to get it somewhere where it would help. The responses started to flood in, from both Ukranians facing the decimation of their country, & those around the world who wanted to help.

With the help of friends & community leaders on the ground, Nathan & Adam dispersed over $56,000 of donations to more than 500 families, in just a matter of weeks. It was clear the project needed an official name, so the 501c3 charity ‘United Ukraine’ was born.

As Adam was quoted in AP News, “A few weeks ago, we did not know we would be doing this work, and, honestly, we did not know if it could be done. Nobody else, to our knowledge, is doing the level of direct support for families and residents of Ukraine that we are currently providing. While it is a lot of logistics, we are honored to help families and communities in this time of need.”